7 Facts you need to know about Spanish Fly

Our living these days is extremely stressful, which has a magnificent effect on our health. Keeping our minds and bodies constantly under stress influences life quality and sex drive. This leads to decrease in libido in worldwide population. This fact becomes a problem of our generation. That is why experts and companies try to find ways how to increase our libido and help to reach ultimate pleasure more often. Of course this search for libido booster is not novelty in human history.

Our ancestors left many traces of developing “Love Potions” to increase their pleasure and desire. Of course, many of them were just based on magic but some of them were based on combination and mixture of strong aphrodisiacs. Special place among all love potions gains Spanish fly potion because of its efficiency.

Popular aphrodisiac for over a thousand years

Spanish Fly has been a popular aphrodisiac for over a thousand years and is used to stimulate libido, especially in women. It is a substance that has proven itself and still enjoys great popularity. Therefore, if you want to revive your life alive and intensify your enjoyment of pleasure, Spanish flies are definitely worth a try. Maybe you ask yourself what is behind all its efficiency.

Decades ago many individuals noticed that small bees left white dots wherever they moved. The main function of this secretion was to attract females of Spanish Fly. It did not take a long time until somebody noticed this amazing impact and tried it on woman. Maybe you consider it as pretty risky as it was never tested, but they gave a shot and it worked like no other love potion or any known aphrodisiac.

New mixture of aphrodisiac with the desired effect

Spanish Fly is not actually a metallic green bug, in the expert‘s world, t‘s also known as Lytta Vesicatoria. After years of collecting secrets from Spanish Fly, people started to make love potion out of crushed bodies. Active substance which causes desired effect is Cantharid. In history it was used by many prominent personalities such as Ceaser, Napoleon, Maria Theresia. Since the fact that Spanish Fly works was revealed it started to be very popular, especially in Europe.

Its popularity was caused mainly because of its efficient but it has a huge range of side effects. That is the reason why is original recipe banned in all countries. After it was banned experts start to develop products with same results but no side effect. Fortunately, they found the exact mixture of aphrodisiac which resulted in the desired effect. In years many companies developed different products which emulated original Spanish Fly.

1   How does Spanish Fly work?

Since Spanish Fly have been used, the way of application changed. Years ago it was used externally whilst now it is being taken orally. It is because its suitability as liquid for both sexes, as men as woman.

Original recipe of Spanish Fly potion works by irritating consumers body, especially urogenital track. According to this, the clitoris became more sensitive and a woman’s body reacted with raising her libido and desire. There is no doubt that this works almost for everybody, but it also caused lot of troubles with the urine system.

That’s why new mixtures of aphrodisiacs were developed. Fortunately, they are much safer but they keep their efficiency by providing chemical reactions in your mind, which leads to an instant increase in libido. This may also result in better erections and help against vagina dryness.

2   Spanish Fly Ingredients

In its original version main active ingredient was Cantharid, which worked with many side effects. This was created in nature and caused that female of Spanish Fly was attracted even by its smell. As we wrote before it had numerous side effect. Fortunately Cantharid helps scientist understand better how woman and men mind work, especially which ingredients can stimulate our bodies.

This is what opened the gate for different love potions made of mixtures of aphrodisiacs based on Spanish Fly’s effects. After years of development were scientist able to extract only active substance of Spanish Fly active ingredient, Cantharid. This is reason why it is important to rely on new products which took advantage of this scientific invention. Only modern product with latest procedure of produce can substitute efficiency of the original Spanish Fly and minimize its side effects.

3   Spanish Fly – is it safe?

Spanish Fly as a love potion is used more than thousand years. Of course in this period there have been accidents which occurs in moments when associated with overdose. That is why is very important to comply with the recommended dosage. Well there are many website which “play on card” that Spanish Fly is deadly. Have you ever heard in the news that somebody died because of Spanish Fly? Hell, no! Competitors’ websites describe kidney failure and painful blisters appears on genitals. Well, that was true 30 years ago when was Spanish Fly used externally with Cantharid. Now their arguments are based on lies and fiction.

Modern products and forms of Spanish Fly

Then you have to remember that newly developed and tested products are only based on active substances with limiting most side effects. These modern products and forms of Spanish Fly are definitely much more safe then other products which are used only with small group of people and probably never tested. Some of them are even widely sold on the internet and represent themselves with fake information, such as Germany Sex Drops, definitely not made in Germany.

Be sure about quality control and correct dosage

In tested products you can be sure about quality control and correct dosage. There are many examples when not tested products and ingredients have caused health issues. So what is more safe, tasted and trusted product or one with country in name which raises trust but never connected to ingredients itself? You are the judge.

4   Germany Sex Drops – make your opinion

We need to start with most bizarre and strange available so called sex product Germany Sex drops. There are many reasons which caused doubts about this products and I will present them one by one.

No record of test by FDA or European Union

Can you imagine that you want to make product which would need to be trusted? Most of you would say that you need to get tested, check the quality and health of ingredients, but some people decide just to name it after trusted county. And what is better than Germany? Country where all perfumes are from, where if you want to produce you need to make dozens of hygienic a health test? After small research never found any products with name Germany Sex Drops which would be allowed in German Market and never made in German territory. No record of international test held by FDA or European Union.

What makes me even more suspicious is the price. How is it possible that you can find this product on eBay for 5 dollars and somewhere else for 50? Then it raises questions about its value when somebody can sell it for 5 USD and that includes his profit. What can be inside for such price? Ask yourself. I would define it as clear risk to use it.

5   Spanish Gold Fly

Spanish Gold Fly is considered as close to original Spanish fly love potion with authentic recipe included Cantharid. Well except various side effects such as sweating and skin irritation is again main factor the price.

Seems like it is big business just with moving price up and down. Not understandable is the variation of prices between 2 and 100 USD for the same product. In this point of view it can be considered the same risk as Germany Sex Drops.

6   Spanish Fly LOVE

Spanish Fly LOVE is one of the newer products which can be found on the internet and in the shops. It is based only on herbal ingredients and extracts. Competitors point to the lack of Cantharid, which may cause decrease in effectiveness.

We never test this product closely but definitely it looks much safer than the other products. They have unique design, do not use a suspicious name with a trusted country and everything is worldwide tested.

Especially we have to refer to stable prices Spanish Fly LOVE which may be caused by expensive products developing process.  Price around 50 bucks everywhere on the internet seems to be more than reasonable. They are reviewed by customers as safe to use and high rate of efficiency.

7  Spanish Fly Pro – Bet for best

“New kid in the block” Spanish Fly Pro is a new product made with the latest scientific procedures. Made 100% out of herbal ingredients and officially tested. To reach desired boost in sex drive is needed just 10 drops for each use and wait 15 minutes. Drops include 7 strong aphrodisiacs and its combination is more effective than suspicious Germany Sex Drops or anything else.

No side effect and tasteless flavor

Spanish Fly Love Drops increase male and female libido, improve vagina dryness, and adjust blood flow to genitals. They are well known for its no side effect and tasteless flavor. Therefore, it can be used with any liquid you can imagine. By buying Spanish ProLove you can enjoy dreamed results with safe consequences.

And it looks like it really works for everyone!

On the Internet, there is an infinitely positive reviews of Spanish Fly Pro. Try to search and see for yourself, but we have not found any negative opinion or review ourselves!



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