Breaking News! Scientists Have Created Stronger Aphrodisiac than Original Spanish Fly!

Breaking News! For the First Time in History, the Scientists Have Created Stronger Aphrodisiac than Original Spanish Fly!

1439982968791Michigan, University of Pharmacy – scientific team at Michigan pharmacy school took an extraordinary discover, which is monitored by the whole world with bated breath. This scientific team has successfully created substance, which is able to boost libido and sex drive almost immediately and is on 100% herbal base. This substance works at any age and in any situation. For the first time in the history is in the world substance, which is more powerful that the original Spanish Fly, but is 100% legal and safe to use.

7 Aphrodisiacs in One Bottle

Scientifics from Michigan pharmacy university were helped at most by the new technology, which allowed them to connect up to 7 unique aphrodisiacs into a liquid substance. Thanks to this new technology is this substance very strong and works on such a large percentage of users. More about says lead researcher prof. Robert Shramsky:

“The biggest problem with libido boosters and libido enhancer products that are now on the market is, that they contain only one aphrodisiac at max. On each person, each aphrodisiac works differently strong. To understand this, to some person can the Maca aphrodisiac works as the strongest one, but on someone else the aphrodisiac may have no effect at all and on this person will work for example Damiana or Guarana aphrodisiacs. This is a problem with the products, which we can find on the market these days, if they contain only one or two aphrodisiacs, the chances that they will be just right for you are really small. And this is exactly, what we successfully solved. We took the 7 strongest and most powerful aphrodisiacs in the world and thanks to the new technology we combined them together into one product. These aphrodisiacs should work for more than 99.8% of the population. I don’t say, that all 7 aphrodisiacs will work on you, that is impossible, but it is sufficient that will work on you at least one aphrodisiac and the effects occur. This is the reason, why is our product unique and super strong.”

Finally, an Over-the Counter Product

Spanish Fly Love is due to its composition in the category of dietary supplements and not in the category of drugs. Thanks to this is Spanish Fly Love free for sale on the internet and in the local pharmacy without a prescription. According to the information from scientists, Spanish Fly Love works for everyone, regardless of age or even gender – libido and sex drive will be increased equally both on men and women. Scientists promise success at 99.8% cases after the application. This is a brand new product, which is very unwanted by other classic aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers on the market.

First Tests Were Accomplished

spanish-fly-love-3Before the team of scientists of University of Michigan could finally publish the results, at first they had to take a qualified product testing and get the information about its efficiency. Exactly 60 pairs were selected, who in the past time had problems with love affairs, particularly because of low libido, painful sex or just because of disinterest in sex in general. To these people were provided new product – Spanish Fly Love.

Significant Changes in Libido and Appetite for Sex

After the end of using Spanish Fly Love they had to fill in anonymous questionnaire about how they are satisfied with the results. Of these 60 pairs, 60 of them confirmed, that they experienced significant changes in their libido and appetite for sex and 59 of them decided, that they definitely want to buy this product immediately right after it will be put up for sale on the market.

Here are Some References from Anonymous Questionnaires after Trying the Product:

With my girlfriend we are together for more than 3 years and our sex was in the last time pretty bad, because she always felt pain during the intercourse. We tried various products, but nothing worked for us, so we decided to apply for this experiment. We got bottle of Spanish Fly Love and we tried it exactly as it was described in the tutorial and we can definitely confirm the positive results. With Spanish Fly Love my girlfriend had sex drive by herself, she suggested to have sex and during the intercourse she did not complain about pain or any other problems at all.

For longer time I suffer from vaginal dryness. It is a problem, that is really difficult to deal with. Always, before the sexual act I have to use lubrication gel which is very impractical, lengthy and I have to always remember to have some lubrication gel with me. So that’s the reason why I sign up in a test group of Spanish Fly Love. After its testing I can say, that each time in about 30 minutes after use of Spanish Fly Love, I felt natural lubrication in the vagina. The sex with Spanish Fly love was much more enjoyable than with using commercial lubrication gels.

With my husband we are together for more than 16 years and after the last child our sexual life practically ended. We sign up to this group because we really wanted to try everything, just to avoid already almost inevitable divorce and the end of our life together. We tried Spanish Fly Love many times and always with positive results. We both used 5 drops of Spanish Fly Love. We felt an increased appetite to sexual intercourse, we had fantasies about sex and the sexual act itself was much more enjoyable for us. That’s why we can Spanish Fly Love only recommend.

Results of Spanish Fly love are truly stunning

alcohol-and-sexThese are just some reviews of total 60, whose participants provided. As you can see, the results of Spanish Fly love are truly stunning. The general public is expecting the day when this product will be on the market.

Approved by American FDA

Spanish Fly Love is still not on the market, but it is on 100% already approved by American FDA, product is fully tested and most secured, but is not yet freely available. About its availability the people can be informed on the main website of the project. We will also inform you about any news about this product!