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Breaking Up With Facebook

Are you having a relationship with Facebook? Well, we know that you will probably never admit it, but trust me, there is a possibility that you are! And since this type of relationship is not very healthy for you should consider breaking up with Facebook as quickly as possible. However, it will not be easy, we are warning you and here are the reasons:

  1. It is just a habit. The first page you open when you are surfing the web is usually Facebook and you do not even expect to find anything exciting there, but still, you want to check the news. Just like you did five minutes ago.
  2. You use Facebook to create a perceived idea of yourself and you hope that people will think you cool because of the photos you post or the posts you write or share. And you actually think that you are living this exciting life that you are creating online!
  3. You go to Facebook when you feel bad. And you hope that other people will help you get over your depression. And you write a status about it, that is right!
  4. If you are active on various social networks, it will be much easier for you to give up on Facebook. But if Facebook is the only social network you use, then it will be very, very difficult. Perhaps even impossible, but who knows, right?

Well, if you are planning to break up with Facebook, then good luck!