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Decreased Desire and Libido After Menopause – What Now?

Menopause. Nearly all the women are scared of it because they do not know what to expect of it. Well, it is true, menopause is scary, however, there is no reason why you should be afraid of it. We know, you have probably read lots of very ugly articles about all the negative side effects that menopause brings along, but there is something you can do about them!

Well, probably the thing that will not let you sleep is the idea of lower sex drive. But that is probably something you have already known personally, right? It is a fact that sex drive wanes with age. Well, usually, it does, but it does not have to be that way.

Since we know that low sex drive can affect your relationship, we want to help you! And that is why you should continue reading this article in order to learn about some tips on how to deal with decreased sex drive after menopause! So read and enjoy!

These are the best tips that will help you revive your sex drive!

Fight the dryness! You need some lubricant or other medications that will help you deal with this problem. Just ask your doctor. This is the first step that you need to take.

If you want to do something about hot flashes, try hormone replacement therapy. It will help you feel more sexy once you get rid of them.

If the stress is your issue, you should think about trying t ofocuso n the foreplay instead of intercourse. Just spend more time cuddling and doing all the funny stuff before you get to the sex.

Another thing that could help restore your libido is getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising. Try yoga, for example.

If you are having depression and you need to take antidepressants, then they may be causing your libido to be low. Try talk therapy instead of taking medications. Or ask for better antidepressants.

Take care of your body, love yourself! The more you will, the better you will feel about yourself and your body. Just do it!

And if you think that you might be having some other problem, then do not hesitate and visit your doctor! Good luck! We hope that you will find our piece of advice helpful.