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Do Females Also Suffer From Sexual Anxiety?

Of course they do! Read this article and find out!

So you probably think that sexual anxiety is only happening to men, right? Well, you are wrong. Although, it is true that usually, the problem of sexual anxiety is only discussed in connection with men, that does not mean that it is not happening to women.

The truth is that it does. Women also suffer from sexual anxiety. But before we start talking about it, we should explain what sexual anxiety is.

Basically, it is the fear of sex which may cause pain or stress. Or difficulty with getting aroused. And that can really complicate your sexual life, right? But what causes sexual anxiety?


Well, sexual anxiety can be caused by anything. The most common cause is the fear of not performing well. This usually happens during the first months of a relationship. But that does not mean that it cannot complicate your exual life, right?

Another thing that causes sexual anxiety is stress or expectation of pain. Also, the fear of getting pregnant, or the fear of not getting pregnant can also cause anxiety.

Basically, anything that makes you anxious can cause sexual anxiety. But that cannot ruin your sexual life! You cannot let that happen. What you need to do it talk to your partner, discuss the issues and definitely not force yourself or your partner into sex. Try therapy, or just talk and maybe you will be able to deal with this issue together! I mean, why shouldn´t you?

You should definitely not be quiet. Do not be ashamed and do not be afraid. Talk about the things that bother you. And we guarantee that everything will get better.

Good luck!