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Does Serovital Really Work?

Does Serovital Really Work?

How do you get rid of all these age spots, wrinkles and other signs of aging? That’s a question a lot of us ask? There are lots of anti-aging products being widely marketed as miracle solutions to signs of aging.

Only for men?

Serovital is one the most of these miracle products. But does it work? Does it increase the human growth hormone (HGH) in the body? Men, here is where you need to pay attention! Read carefully.

If you’re a woman, feel free to skip this part. Now, men, Serovital is NOT the right product for you. However, there are more effective options that exist.

1) If you are under 40, you don’t need an HGH releaser. Your symptoms are not a result of low HGH. To find better solutions for you, keep reading.

2) For men between the ages of 40 to 70, an HGH releaser will not inject youthfulness into your body, at least not on its own. In fact, a single HGH Releaser will have zero effect.

You need to combine it with other things. These little unklknown secret will make all the difference.

3) Are you man at any age? Do you want to boost your libido, have solid erections, last longer, and finish stronger? Do you also want to feel young and even more energetic? Well, check THIS out.

What if You’re a Woman

If you’re a woman who’s trying to get her groove back; a woman who wants to remain young and more vibrant, well, A HGH supplement will work perfectly well for you. Whereas Serovital is not a bad option, it’s not the best. We have tested and researched on lots of HGH releaser supplements.

Read the best product’s review here! And if you’re looking for a facial cream that will fight wrinkles, have a look at this: Best Anti-aging CREAM. Using SeroVital doesn’t guarantee you skin tightening and wrinkle removal.


SeroVital also doesn’t promise enhanced mood, reduced body fat, increased sexual stamina, and lean muscle mass. If that’s what you’re looking for, HGH Releaser supplements are a better option. But, some supplements are unsafe, and some never live up to their promise.


Before you purchase, do your homework and find out what works best. We’ve been looking for more effective options. We’ve researched on several of them with great care, and we’ve finally found an excellent HGH supplement (especially for women.)

The SeroVital manufacturer claims that its anti-aging solution, Oral Liquid Formulation, contains a blend of amino acids that fight age-related signs. The product’s developer also claims that the mixture promotes the production of HGH in the body which results in significant changes to your body, apart from making you look and feel younger.

The blend includes L-glutamine, schizonepeta, L-lysine HCI, Oxo-proline, N-acetyl-l-cysteine, and L-arginine HCI. But do we have practical alternatives to injections? It’s commonly known that the only way to increase levels of HGH in your body is through intravenous methods.

Oral Formualtions

We, however, now have orally taken products that are touted to increase HGH levels. That sounds awesome, right? But that’s a bold claim, especially now when you rarely find capsules, tablets and other oral solutions that work as effectively as injections.

Clinically Researched Product?

The SeroVital HGH reviewers claims contradict the findings of studies done by experts. There are lots of pills, creams, elixirs that promise miracle solutions to aging issues. But according to studies, a lot of them either don’t work at all or deliver insignificant results.

There is a consensus in the medical community that intravenous methods are more effective compared with oral methods. HGH is a large-sized polypeptide hormone. It has precisely maintained the sequence of 191 three-dimension structured amino acids.

For anyone to assemble HGH in any way, they must utilize the recombinant DNA through precise, tracked and particular methods. It’s also critical to note that there is no clearbproof that animal sources work on people. What does clinical research on SeroVital reveal? Does it work? If it works, does it also deliver the expected results?

These are difficult questions because, so far, there are no supporting documents from approved research or credible physicians that provide answers. SeroVital’s manufacturer has testified that they have study findings that affirm the effectiveness of their formula.

The manufacturer claims that on average, Serovital boosts HGH levels by 682 percent. Their claims are supposedly supported by a study that was titled, “Elevated Growth Hormone 120 minutes Following a Single Low-Dose of Amino Acids in Healthy Subjects.”

The research entailed randomized study on 16 Healthy Individuals. One group was given a certain quantity of serum growth hormone in 15, 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes after taking SeroVital. The other group was given a placebo.

The study concludes that a single dose of SeroVital heightens the level of HGH after two hours for both healthy women and men. A similar study in our lab didn’t result in similar findings. That says a lot about the manufacturer’s claims. The research findings also contradict the consensus in the medical community. There is no online link to credible sources that support the effectiveness of ingested solutions as claimed.

The Federal Trade Commission reiterates that, currently, there is not sufficient evidence that supports the assertion that natural HGH supplements have similar effects as injections. Some SeroVital reviews may be positive, but even the WebMD doesn’t endorse their effectiveness, or the claimed amino acids link to HGH levels.

It’s only the manufacturer’s research that supports these claims. NOTE: We found a few HGH supplements that are are very effective, so, we don’t fully support the contradicting claims.

Also, the manufacturer of the product claims that on October 28, 2020, their study was part of an episode of Dr. Oz show. The show was titled, “Supercharge Your Body with Human Growth Hormone.”

Have a look at it, but in the show, they won’t talk about the manufacturer or the supplement. The trusted doctor explains that you can boost your HGH with ornithine, Lysine, arginine, and glycine.

Unfortunately, you can only find two of these elements in SeroVital.

Specifications and Features

Although the product hasn’t been stated on SeroVital reviews, it’s worth noting that this product can reclaim your youthfulness. This is because it targets HGH, a natural, authentic and valid source of youthfulness.

List of ingredients

Below is a list of ingredients that can help you stimulate HGH production:

• Amino Acids

This is done by filling HGH with Amino acids. Amino acids are well-known to trigger the growth of human hormones. However, up to today, it has not yet been proven whether the compound in this product indeed increases HGH production.

• Using HGH Power

This is done by infusing HGH using HGH power. This product is believed to reclaim you youthful look as well as reverse your general aging by increasing HGH. Research studies have shown that HGH is essential for body fluids production, fat conversion, cardiovascular system, better muscle growth, etc.

If oral solutions are safe and working, why do many people still prefer visiting a physician for an HGH injection? The answer is that this product has no side effects! If you analyze the product composition very well, you’ll find that it has no side effects because it only contains amino acids.

Nonetheless, Each of these compounds can have their own set of complications. For example, it’s reported that L-arginine causes allergic reactions, asthma issues, low blood pressure, and inflammation. Also, n-acetyl-l-cysteine is reported to cause liver problems, low blood pressure, a headache, and rashes.

Reviews and Ratings

The rating of the product from previous customers is 5.8 out of 10. Whenever genuine customers are asked about their views on the effectiveness of this product, many of them confirm that its solutions efficacy is quite uncertain. Moreover, other customers claim that it can sometimes be dangerous even after consulting your physician. The rest reported that there is no significant difference experienced after they had taken this supplement for about one month.

Is Serovital Safe?

This is a major reason as to why we may not recommend the product. There is a lot of uncertainty, and there are several people who are complaining about health issues that are associated with the product.

Things to Improve

There are many things to be improved in the product. First, the product should be made free from side effects as well a safe for everyone. Secondly, the product manufacture shouldn’t release claims about the products if they aren’t supported by any verified medical community. Besides, the product inefficiency renders it useless. The product’s high prices shouldn’t mislead you! A high price isn’t always the best indication of a high-quality product


I believe your eyes have now been opened by these reviews and you now understand that you need to look and search elsewhere to find the correct anti-aging support supplements. Therefore, you are advised to settle with this best alternative solution. The product is known to offer excellent and unique results. It acts as a HGH booster, improves female sexual performance, and an anti-aging solution.