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EnhanceRX Review

Nowadays, the issue of penis enlargement is really urgent among modern men but can pills do it? High-quality products are able to improve erections and to increase libido but they cannot make your penis grow. No pills will increase your member for the rest of your life. One of the latest products promising better sexual performance and bigger penis is EnhanceRX.

The supplement is produced by a non-reputable American company and has its own official website which is not very informative, though. The home page doesn’t provide any data about the dosage of each of the supplement’s ingredients. There is only a list of the main components. Not a word is mentioned about side effects of the product and restrictions concerning its usage by certain groups of patients.

Ingredients of EnhanceRX – Does It Really Work? Is It a Scam?

According to the manufacturer, Enhance RX has a proprietary formula meant to increase blood flow to the lower part of the human body, including penile reservoirs called corpora cavernosa. Erection occurs when erectile tissue chambers are filled with efficient amount of blood. The speed with which erectile chambers expand depends on the force of blood flow. Enhance RX is promised to widen these tissues in order to let more blood fill the penile body.

EnhanceRX contains a big list of ingredients the main ones of which include L-Arginine HCI, Catuaba, Tribulus Terestris, Maca Root, Muira Puama, Cayenne Pepper Extract, Korean Red Ginseng, Schizandra, Saw Palmetto and Bioperine. The official website doesn’t give any description of these components. It only says that they are natural and effective. So, I decided to make my research.

I found out that EnhanceRX ingredients may increase blood pressure in the whole body. That’s why people with hypertension are recommended to avoid using the product and to consult their doctor if they take it already. Maybe they will need to change their treatment.

Let’s have a closer look at each ingredient in the formula.

L-Arginine HCL is a precursor to nitric oxide that is important in the function of opening blood vessels and making more blood flow into the penis. L-Arginine is naturally contained in food, but it can cause negative effects in some people if used in a supplemental form. These side effects may range from mildly annoying to discomfort. This component can be life threatening.

Tribulus Terrestris is said to be able to increase testosterone levels. However, there is insufficient evidence supporting this fact. There is data saying that this ingredient, on the contrary, can worsen conditions connected with erectile dysfunction.

Muira Puama, Catuaba, and Maca Rootto are all said to improve libido a little, but the effect can be scarcely noticed, especially when its dosage in EnhanceRX is unknown. Ginkgo Biloba is known for its ability to improve mental activity but it has little to do with sexual performance.

Ginseng is useful for overall health but it will hardly help you to overcome your sexual problems. Saw Palmetto is said to support prostate; however, it may also cause bloody urine, certain changes in blood chemistry, flu-like symptoms, eye problems, genital problems, inflammation of the pancreas, hot flashes, low energy levels, problems with teeth and physical injury. I have even found information that Saw Palmetto interferes with sexual function leading to ejaculation problems, impotence, and erectile dysfunction.

Bioperine is used to improve absorption of other product’s ingredients for better effect, but few people know that it contains toxic substances which can negatively influence the liver and other inner organs. One user has reported hair loss after taking a Bioperine supplement. Some people can experience diarrhea and mild fever.

Customer Reviews – Does It Have Any Side Effects?

The manufacturer doesn’t inform about any negative side effects of the supplement on their official website, but you can find numerous reviews of true users online. And not all of them are satisfied with the product, even though the manufacturer says that it is completely natural and safe. Some of its ingredients can be particularly risky for your health. L-Arginine is one of them because it can lead to such side effects as nausea, bloating, stomach pain, gout and diarrhea. Another ingredient, Tribulus, is able to make prostate problems even worse. The same concerns prostate cancer. According to one research, this component can increase prostate weight. Patients with diabetes are not recommended to take this product as it may decrease the level of blood sugar. People who are going to have a surgery should stop using the supplement at least two weeks before a planned operation. Tribulus can change blood sugar levels and interfere with blood sugar control.

Saw palmetto can lead to several side effects as well, including pain in the stomach and intestines, nausea, bad breath, vomiting, constipation, gas, indigestion, diarrhea, and heartburn. This component might interact with some herbal drugs. There are some reports describing worsened cases of ulcers, liver inflammation, liver damage, and jaundice, as well as headache, insomnia, dizziness, depression, abnormal heart rhythm, chest pain, heart attack, heart failure, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, muscle pain and respiratory tract problems caused by saw palmetto.

“I didn’t notice any change at all, and Enhance RX is one of the hardest pills to swallow! This cheap company doesn’t spend the money to provide you with a nice gel cap”

Where To Buy EnhanceRX?

EnhanceRX can be order through the official website for $57. It is a one month supply. The supplement has to be taken for at least 2-4 weeks. The product is available on Amazon, GNC, Walmart.

My Final Summary

After thorough study of EnhanceRX, I can say that it has a lot of disadvantages. Growth results won’t be permanent. There is no clinical proof that the supplement is able to increase your penis at all. Many customers complain of di

fferent side effects after using the product, especially of stomach discomfort and pain. The supplement didn’t work for some clients.

EnhanceRX has some advantages, as well. It offers a 180 day money back guarantee in case if minimum three bottles have been bought with one unopened. Finally, it should be noted that EnhanceRx cannot make your penis grow and remain big for the rest of your life. I cannot recommend it because there are other products on the market which prove to be more effective and safe.