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How can I last longer in bed?

There are many unknowns in sex. What is the best way to please my partner? What is the best way to please myself? Is there a product I can try to enhance my performance? These are all common questions, but the most common of all stems from a problem that affects over 30% of men. “How can I last longer in bed?” question the approximately one in three males that suffer from premature ejactulation. If you are one of the millions, fear no longer, because there is a product to help you and millions others like you. Pelay, the revolutionary new sexual supplement sweeping the modern market, is guaranteed to enhance the sexual performance of those suffering from premature ejaculation. With thousands of satisfied customers, some are eager to spread the word.


Time after time I tried, searching for anything to make me last longer

“Before you try anything else, try Pelay, otherwise you are wasting your time.” says Tim, a thirty one year old yoga instructor. “I’d thought I’d tried it all, and nothing was increasing my time I could last in bed. I went entirely vegan, I took up sexual yoga to reformat my libido, I tried a variety of herbs and rubs. Nothing worked. Time after time I tried, searching for anything to make me last longer than fifteen seconds during intercourse, but time after time I failed. I felt defeated. I didn’t feel masculine or strong, and I felt like I was disappointing my girlfriend with my performance. Obviously I was, because she broke up with me two months ago. That was the final straw, I decided, and I searched feverishly for an answer.

I discovered Pelay while searching for natural solutions to premature ejaculation. All of them had bogus chemicals or all herbal ingredients that did absolutely nothing for me. The last one I tried left me with a horrible rash on my genitals and still left me prematurely climaxing. Then I finally found Pelay. It was the perfect all natural formula. It contained no Lidocaine, which was causing me discomfort. Then, I saw that its fast acting formula took effect in only four minutes, and it was entirely hypoallergenic? I was sold.

My girlfriend was really excited

I ordered a bottle of the product, and told my new current girlfriend that a surprise was coming for her. She was excited, and so was I. We hadn’t had sex before, and I wanted it to be perfect. When it arrived, I took to the bathroom. I used the Pelay Applier to massage and lubricate the gel into my penis in just four minutes. When I walked out naked, her eyes lit up. We got straight down to business, and I was amazed. What was previously a sharp tingling sensation on my genitals was replaced with pure pleasure. I lasted a whole forty five minutes, a feat I had previously deemed impossible. I was amazed with my performance, and obviously so was my girlfriend. She orgasmed twice during the session and could hardly walk afterwards. I was so proud and happy with myself once again. I recommend every man try this at least once, you will not be disappointed.”