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How to last longer in bed

How to Last at least 30 Minutes Longer in Bed

How long is your sex going to last?

In case you have no intention of sharing it, here is what the statistics actually assert. While a sex session is approximately 5 to 7 minutes on an average, almost 50% of the males are not able to last more than a couple of minutes. And men will usually admit this fact in the long run. In fact, while conducting a reddit poll it was found that the average response was approximately 1 to 2 minutes.

This is definitely a big issue.

While the appropriate duration of having sex should be between 10 and 25 minutes, about 80% of the males ejaculate prematurely and they simply cannot overcome this problem.
Although both genders like to enjoy sex for a longer duration, most of the men do not have the required stamina to provide optimum satisfaction to their partners. This is why we are here. Me consuming sufficient alcoholic beverages to discuss sex on the web. We will be having an elaborate discussion on how to have sex longer, and consequently, get prepared to jot down the notes.
I will begin with the first step: discussing the physiological aspects behind having sex for a longer duration. In the next step, we will talk about the workouts which you ought to perform so as to last longer. In the final step, we will talk about what to do while having sex so as to last for a considerable period of time.
Make sure to download the app which is going to aid you in the process. This application is known as Stamena which will provide you with the required training for lasting longer.

Step 1: Minimize Your Sexual Anxiety

It will be impossible for you to last long while having sex in case you begin to make love without having the required confidence. In fact, you will ejaculate faster while having some sort of anxiety in your mind. It does make sense in case you think about it biologically. You are stressed because of uncertainty. Your body will be able to comprehend that you are worried. This nervousness implies that the environment is not conducive for you to take off your clothes with your eyes closed without any preparation to defend yourself.
Thus what is the reaction of your body when you are nervous while having sex? It is going to minimize the duration of time you are in this vulnerable condition by either subjecting you to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. The only solution will be to start having sex with a positive and confident frame of mind regarding your ability to please your partner. And the most effective way of doing this will be to discuss with your partner regarding this matter. By expressing your worries to your mate regarding your inability to last during sex and your desire to solve the problem, will definitely make them take you seriously. They will help you to enhance your sex life eventually.
You should never be ashamed of yourself while discussing the problem with your mate and it will soon be evident to you that it will resolve a significant portion of the issue on its own.
In case you do not have any partner, there is no reason to be worried. It is possible to perform the workouts without any partner.

Step 2: Daily Workouts For Lasting Longer

You require doing a couple of things on a regular basis so as to regulate your premature ejaculation: masturbation practice and kegel workouts.

Exercise one: Kegels along with Reverse Kegels (not more than 10 minutes daily)

If you do not do anything else mentioned in this particular article, do not skip this step at least.
Strengthening the muscles controlling ejaculation will be the best method to last longer during sex. It definitely seems sensible, right? You will do this by means of kegel workouts as well as reverse kegels, which will help to train the pelvic floor muscles to regulate your ejaculation.
In case you were not acquainted with the term kegels, I have written in-depth articles exclusively on kegel workouts for men along with reverse kegels which will surely fix the issue for you. However, you can easily get by with the shortened version mentioned below if you have already heard about it.
Here is what I would like you to perform:
Take off your clothes (I already mentioned that this will be fun) Place a couple of fingers on the epidermis between your legs before your anus but behind your balls. Now try to imagine that you are making an attempt to prevent yourself from peeing. Following this, flex the muscle. (You flex this muscle while making your male organ dance once you get an erection. Do not show me what you are doing, I already know that you have done it).
Next, you need to feel some sort of movement where your fingers are placed, and you might sense movement in your penis as well as your balls.
Avoid flexing your ass, do not flex your legs, and also never flex your abs. Concentrate on simply flexing that particular muscle.
In case you do have any problem of locating it, drink some water, go to the toilet and pee, and then make an attempt to stop yourself. There you found your muscle. This is referred to as your PC muscle, Pubococcygeus muscle or simply pelvic floor which regulates your ejaculation apart from controlling the flow of urine.
You will be able to last longer by making it strong, and it will also enable you to prevent yourself from getting to the point of no return and bring yourself down quickly from near orgasm.
We will be tying some small weights to your male organ and when you will get an erection you will be flexing the muscle so as to lift the weights.
There is no reason to be concerned since the process is quite easy to do. You simply need to train the pelvic floor by means of kegel workouts which will force it to flex again and again, and the reverse kegel workouts that will be pushing out on it continually.cHowever, similar to any other muscle, it is impossible to perform the same thing repeatedly and expect it to become stronger. For this, it is recommended to go on increasing the difficulty.
The Stamena application mentioned earlier will be the most effective way to perform this by providing you with precise directions regarding how long you should clinch and push for as well as the various speeds for doing that. You can always make use of Kegel Trainer in case you happen to be on Android.
Your level is going to go up by performing more of this and you’ll be starting to hold and press for a longer time with an increasing number of repetitions. In fact, you’ll begin to notice significant improvements in your sex life shortly. I have set a reminder in the application so as to remind me thrice a day for making certain that I did not forget. There is no need for you to perform this, however, doing it a few times daily will allow you to reach there faster.
You can always cut back after reaching level 20+ and do this simply for maintenance. However, you will start becoming weak once you do not use it for a long time similar to any other muscle. Consequently, do not shy away from training.


Great sex is more than mere penetration. The more you
have sex longer, the more sex is enjoyable and more satisfying for both you and your partner. Although every man would like to last longer in bed, there are several reasons why most men don’t just last longer enough. But regardless of the reasons for not lasting longer in bed, there are proven techniques you can
use to stay longer if you are committed to learning how to have sex longer. Here are some of the techniques to help you have sex longer.

Masturbation and edging (10-30 minutes daily)

While masturbation can help you last longer, you need to start masturbating differently in order to last longer in bed. Most men who have difficulties lasting longer have developed bad habits largely due to how they masturbate. For instance, if you are literally opening the spank bank, then go full jackhammer all over your dick only to explode in a couple of minutes, you truly won’t get much lasting power.

Here comes your new masturbation technique, which
takes less than 10 minutes. Whether you spend 8 minutes upon getting started with this technique, you only have to let yourself cum in just less than 10 minutes. You can then up the technique by up to 15-20 minutes once you get comfortable with it,

Here is how this amazing technique works

Start masturbating and then get yourself up on an arousal scale of about 7 to 10. Definitely, you have to decide on the best way to masturbate so as to get yourself up to this
point, although this will be much easier to know with practice.

Stop and cool down to a 5.

Work yourself up to an 8. Stop again and come down to a 6.

Work yourself up to 9, and then down to 7.

Get yourself up to 9.5 and the down to 7 once more.
9.5 is just before that point of no return, or rather that point when you feel there is absolutely nothing you can do. As such, do the 9.5-7 cycle repeatedly until you get beyond 10 minutes.

Once you let yourself go, you will realize that your orgasms will be much stronger than they were before. As you continue getting more arouse, use the STAB technique to slow down.

Squeeze your pelvic muscles as if you were performing
an intense kegel workout. Hold your pelvic muscles for about 10 seconds. However, the longer you are able to hold your muscles the better, since the more you will be able to come down easily.

Think about something else while performing this
technique and avoid stopping entirely while changing your stroke. Also avoid the head.

Take deep, diaphragmatic breaths to gain control over your
ejaculation. Practice this masturbation technique for about 20 minutes every night. If you already have a partner whom you are doing this technique with, let her know exactly what you are up to, and also let her help you with mouth or manual stimulation , or either by having slow sex with plenty of stopping and starting.

Strategic foreplay ordering

This is also a great technique for improving your staying
power, especially if you are already doing your training. Basically, this technique uses foreplay since women expect their men to commence the next chapter of sex. It entails kissing, touching, cunnilingus, fellatio and then sex. However, there is an apparent problem though, since most men go straight to sex after intense oral stimulation. That isn’t the right way to go, since you should get to sex at about 4 or 5,
but not an 8.

The best thing to do now that you have already talked to her about lasting longer is to get her off manually. Let her go down on you before getting down on her. Basically it should go like this…kissing, touching, get her off manually, fellatio, cunnilingus and then sex.

When getting oral, and after getting to 9.5 a couple
of times, yell stop every time you get to the peaks. Remember to switch it up so as to cool down as you go down on your partner and then get her off a couple of times.

Again, tell your partner to push herself against your
pelvic muscle as she goes down on you. This will not only help you last longer, but it will further make you feel great as well, although it can be difficult to do during real sex.

To significantly increase how long you last, make sure
you have peaked enough times, get a cool-down duration with minimal stimulation as you go down on her. Alternatively and
depending on the duration of your refractory periods, you can get off when your partner is going down on you and then recover for the next round before going down on her. But this is all up to you.

Edging sex positions

Edging tends to be abit easy during sex than it is during sexual intercourse. The last thing you want to do is keep stopping and begin thrusting because it will be a frustrating experience for her. In addition, it will make you a victim of performance anxiety as you will be scared of cumming too fast.

The best way of going about this is to edge during lovemaking but to ensure that you constantly switch up positions.There are switch up positions that will get you aroused pretty fast and others that will be gradual. These are a combination of the following factors:

Friction – When friction is high then the position will get you aroused fast.

Body position – Your body position is also a contributing factor. A standing position will get you aroused at the slowest pace while support from the arms such as missionary will get you aroused the fastest.

Control – When you are moving during a sex position then you are likely to get aroused faster compared to when the woman is moving.

Direction of motion – Thrusting is a motion that is guaranteed to arouse you faster in comparison to back and forth that is much slower.

If she is in a position whereby her legs are more closed thus high friction and you are thrusting with the body lying down, the stimulation will be very high, and you are likely to get off way faster. A good position of lying down mentioned above is missionary.

However, if a woman is in a sex position whereby both her legs are spread, and you are either kneeling or standing then you will experience less stimulation. Similarly, if the woman is on top of the man and adopts a back and forth motion rather than up and down then he will experience less stimulation.

It is important to know the sex positions that provide you with high stimulation and those that make you experience low stimulation. Strive to get into the high stimulation positions when you are either at 5 or even 6. Afterwards, you can opt to switch to the positions of low stimulation when you are either at 8 or even 9 in order to dampen the effect.

It is advisable to take a minute to carefully squeeze your PC muscles while making a switch. Breathing pattern also has a profound effect on the speed of ejaculation. In the same way that a person can trick themselves into believing that they are happy by merely smiling, they can regulate their level of stimulation or arousal by simply altering their breathing pattern. Slow breathing translates to less anxiety and less arousal. The slow breathing should be characterized by deep belly breaths using the diaphragm. On the other hand, if you are interested in cumming then you should take quick breaths in the chest and shoulder. This is because it signals the body that you are close.

Breathe as if you are okay and you will be. Last second squeeze when you are very close

The first 3 tips mentioned above will allow you to remain in the range of 5 – 9. However, what will happen when you attain 9.9 and you are not sure there is a way of preventing yourself from cumming? The result of training the PC muscles will be useful here. If the muscles have gained enough strength, then you can be able to prevent yourself from cumming. Simply, halt thrusting and make sure clump firmly in the same fashion as a Kegel hold. If you squeeze for a longer duration, the better the effect. Adequate practice will allow you to move from a 9.9 to either 6 or 7 in a matter of seconds. This will add approximately five minutes to your sex.

It should be noted that this technique is most effective when one is very close to cumming. This means that you might not be successful in some cases, but you will be exemplary with enough practice.There is another technique that involves gripping the shaft or head of the penis to restrict the flow of blood thus allowing you to calm down. This can also be used. However, it is more interruptive and that is why the Kegel squeeze is preferred.


Now you know how to have sex longer, start with psychological change, perform the exercises that promote sexual flexibility, practice techniques that manage your arousal and use the last second squeeze to save you when you are close. These will guarantee you great sex and prevent premature ejaculation.

Execute to see the results but be honest with your partner about it. After a month you will see the results.

This is a first of a series of articles. Multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms for guys will be covered in the next one.