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Is there a Wrong Way on How to Use Spanish Fly?

If you want to know how to use Spanish Fly, then read this step by step guide in order to get the best results!

  1. Get your Spanish Fly. You can order it online!
  2. Wait for your Spanish Fly to arrive. Once it does, check whether the product is okay and whether the package is not damaged.
  3. Start using your Spanish Fly.

Well, now you are probably asking how you should use Spanish Fly. Well, we will explain that to you, just keep reading!


Use it daily. You do not have to use Spanish Fly only when you feel like having a great romantic night with your partner. You can use it every day in order to achieve the permanent effect! This product is safe, so do not worry!

Make sure that you make some use of it! If you are trying Spanish Fly, then at least try it! Do not just drink it and do nothing.

Mix Spanish Fly with a drink of your choice. Preferably with something alcoholic, like a glass of wine. Do not worry, Spanish Fly does not change the taste of this drink! And you will be able to enjoy it just as if it was without the aphrodisiac.

Once you drink it, give it a few minutes. Spanish Fly is not magical. Well, it almost is, but it needs some time to start working. So, relax and give it some time!

So, are you now prepared to try Spanish Fly Pro? Not yet? Well, then you should probably try it as soon as possible!