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Learn How Not To Be Nervous During Your Flight

If you tend to get terribly nervous whenever you fly (meaning by airplane) then you will probably need some piece of advice from us. You know, sometimes you can avoid flying, but if it is an integral part of your life, then you simply have to do something with your fear, right?

Well, here are some tips which might help you stop being so freaked out all the time.

1. If crew is calm, then everything is OK. You would notice if something was wrong.

2. Set alarms for every ten minutes to remind you that you will soon be all over.enhanced-19665-1440702963-1

3. Focus on the trip, not the travelling part of it. And, learn something about how planes fly.11243853_1621981571381586_1796114142_n4. The most important: buy some treats,you are going to need them!

Good luck. You can do this!