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Stud 100 Dezentizing Spray for man Review

A Spray to Reduce Sensitivity

If you want to last longer and control premature ejaculation during sex then a desensitizing spray, Stud 100, can be the right choice for you.

The effect of this spray is one of the strongest delay sprays I have tested so far. So, before using it is important to know about its pros and the best way to use it. You will be informed, about the results of this spray and its effects on me along with brief information about the possible problems with it, through this review.

I think that this review will help you in making a well informed decision about using it along with helping you in using it more effectively.

1. My personal experience

I used this spray on the head of my penis and rubbed it in gently cautiously by avoiding its underside which is more sensitive for me. After waiting for 10 minutes I washed away its residuals with warm water and a cloth. Actually, I could not notice its effectiveness after using it 1 or 2 times initially.

But when I sprayed it for the 3rd time it worked very well by allowing me to last longer for several minutes. In one of the sessions I could manage to last nearly 10 minutes longer than 2-5 minutes of my usual stay. But, unluckily I could last longer at the cost of losing some of the enjoyment I used to fell in normal condition as it usually happens with numbed body parts. In fact, it really reduces the enjoyable feeling of touching something as numbs your skin effectively.

On the contrary I did not experience any side effect like tingling or burning. I also experienced that it would have not changed anything for my partner if I would have waited for 10 minutes before wiping off the residue of this spray from my penis.

2. Effectiveness of Stud 100The spray

Stud 100, should be applied on the penis to numb its sensitivity just before sex. In this way it will help in lasting longer before achieving orgasm by allowing you to receive less stimulation. Lidocaine, a fast and active anaesthetic product, is the main ingredient of this spray that helps in numbing your penis. The amount of lidocaine included in this spray is equivalent to the amount included in other similar sprays.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of this spray I think it should be used minimum 10-15 minutes before sex as its works fast. You can apply same amount f this spray every time because its bottle includes a metered pump. When you have once assessed the number of sprays suitable for you, you need not worry about using it too much or too less. This bottle of spray can allow you to get up to 120 sprays as per its manufacturer.

In this way, one bottle will be enough for almost 40 sessions if on an average you use 3 sprays before sex every time. If you are more sensitive or less sensitive, the number of sessions can vary and you can use this bottle for less or more time period, on the basis of your personal experience.

3. Safety level of Stud 100

During clinical trials Stud 100 was found effective and safe. And for this reason US FDA has passed it which made it one of the few delay sprays that have got this type of approval for safety. There is no evidence that it is dangerous for vagina which makes it safe for women also. But you should not use it f your partner is pregnant. Moreover it has also been approved to be safe for oral sex. But to avoid numbness in the mouth of your partner you should wait at least 10-15 minute after applying it on your penis.

Some people can rarely experience any problem due to Lidocaine used in it. With small doses in each session Stud 100 is not supposed to cause any problem but while using it excessively you should be careful.

4. Advantages of Stud 100

Stud 100 surely has strong effect as it numbs your penis fast.
It is easier to apply same quality every time with the help of metered pump provided with it.
It is safe for oral sex also.
You can use it without or with condom.
It does not emit any odour
No prescription is required
Approved by FDA as safe product
The number of sprays you get from a bottle makes it more cost effective.

5. Disadvantages of Stud 100

You will have to use it several time to find the suitable number of sprays for you.
It may reduce your pleasure during sex
Sometimes even a low dose can provide stronger numbness.
I can make it difficult to maintain your erection.
You will have to use it every time before sex as it is not a cure.

6. Verdict

Stud 100 undoubtedly has power to recover your bedroom confidence. Its effectiveness can vary with man to man as for some it can be suitable whereas for others it can more or less effective. The sensation reduced by using this s[ray can be worthwhile if you can last longer even after losing some of your pleasure as this additional time can provide more pleasure to your partner.

If it works well for you then it can be a bonus point for you as it is economic as compared to other delay sprays. You should start with one spray and can increase its number on the basis of your personal experience.

In thin way you can find perfect dose for you in an enjoyable, safe and balanced manner.

7. Where to buy stud 100

You can buy it at best price on if you live in US as it allows you to check the reviews of a number of its previous users. You can use the official website to buy this product out of US. But their delivery can be somewhat slow.

Alternative products

You can also find a number of other delay sprays on the store but before buying a delay spray you should read the reviews of last users. Benzocaine condoms are among the other options of desensitizing products.