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The Best Way to Treat Vaginismus and Sexual Pain

Do not let a simple problem ruin your evening!

So you have noticed that something is wrong with your girlfriend. She started avoiding sex and you do not know why. Up until now, everything was okay, but suddenly, things changed. Of course you will probably think that it is because she does not like you anymore, but that may not be true. Perhaps the problem is different.

You know, female sexuality is more complicated. While men have it simple. women do not. It is all about the emotions, stress, etc. Basically, if there is something wrong with their life, then there is also something wrong with their sex life. That is just how it is.

AnLow-Sex-Drive-Eat-This-1-1024x768d that is why vaginismus is one of the most common problems that women have to deal with. And that is perhaps even the problem that you are encountering right now. So, what can you do about it? Well, you can do a lot. And you should at least be a support to your girlfriend.

Of course, you will need to talk to your girlfriend at first in order to figure out what the issue really is. You know, one thing that is quite complicated about vaginismus is the fact that it may have lots of causes. And you will need to identify this cause before you can move on to the treatment. Because without knowing what is causing this issue, you will not be able to do anything. That is just how it goes.

However, once you figure it out, you can choose to visit a doctor. Well, your girlfriend can choose to visit a doctor and consider either therapy or other solutions.

But apart from this, you can also do some exercises. Well, once again, your girlfriend can do them in the privacy of her own home. They are called Kegels. And your girl should do at least 20 of them at a time. As often as she wants. And after a few days, she should insert one finger in her vagina, and work her way up to three.

However, remember, this is only helpful if the vaginismus is not caused by anxiety. In that case, therapy is the best choice.

We know that pain during intercourse is not very pleasant and we also know that you deserve to enjoy sex to the fullest. That is why we are encouraging you to do something about this problem. Suffering in silence has never helped and it will never really help you. These problems never just solve themselves. That is something you should remember!

Anyway, we wish you good luck and we hope that everything turns out alright!