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The Cologne Hacks You Need To Know

Do you realy want to impress the girl on the first date? Then you should probably try investing in a good cologne. However, that may not be enough. What you need to do is try some of these hacks that will help you get the best of your cologne! Are you curious? Here they come!

  1. Hydrate your skin. Fragrance will last longer on hydrated skin.
  2. Mix the remaining drop of your perfume with body lotion and apply.
  3. Soak cotton ball in the cologne and then spread across your skin.
  4. Spray some cologne on your hairbrush. And then, brush it into your hair! Your lady will love it!
  5. Rub vaseline on your pulse points and then apply cologne. The fragrance will last forever!
  6. Soak your underwear in perfumed water.
  7. Find a skin oil that will balance your cologne.
  8. Spray some of the cologne on your pillow.
  9. Drop some of the cologne on the steamer.
  10. Store your cologne in the original box. Or, in the linen closet.

Well, now you seem to be all ready for your date! Just do not forget to talk, listen and smile and everything will be fine. Good luck!