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The Reasons Why You Still Get Zits

Zits are not something you want on your face, right? Especially when you are no longer a teenager. But what can you do about them once they pop up? Well, you should try to find out why it is happening, right? Here are some possible reasons!

  1. The reason may be the fact that you are not using moisturizer. Doesn´t seem very logical, right? Well, if you dry your skin with acne facewash, it will produce more oils, however, if you use moisturizer, it will keep the skin hydrated and prevent it from producing oils.
  2. The answer is your dirty phone. That is right, it is probably time to somehow clean it up, right?
  3. The wrong diet. A diet high in refined carbs can promote oil production.
  4. Stress. If you are working too much not relaxing, then you cannot even wonder why the acne is happening.
  5. It may be in your genes. Well, this is not probably something you want to hear, is it? Do not worry, there is always something you can do about it, just visit your dermatologist and ask for advice.

Well, now you know what you should do in order to have beautiful skin without acne. Live and eat healthy, do not stress yourself, visit your dermatologist and use moisturizer. It is very simple, is it not? Do not worry, it can be very simple. Just try with changing your lifestyle. Well, that will probably be the hardest part, but perhaps eating less sugar could help.