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The Trends That You Should Not Follow


When it comes to clothing, what type of guy are you? Are you the one who has his own style and does not care about trends? Or are you the one that follows every single new fashion trend? Well, no matter which type you are, we strongly advise you to avoid these new trends.

Why? Well, once you find out what they are you will know.

You should definitely give up on ankle bracelets. I mean, there is no point in wearing them!

You should never fall for Belgian shoes. And if you have never heard of them, then be glad.

Beaded necklaces are a huge no. Just no.

Drop crotch trousers. They are only okay if you are a teenager. Otherwise, you should never ever wear them.

Florat print. Floral print is for girls. Deal with it.

American flag on your clothes is absolutely stupid.

Belted cardigans are also considered to be a little bit out of the normal.

Boiler suits are only allowed on Halloween. Seriously.

Wearing boots and shorts at the same time.

Weird shirts with funny print. Seriously, they are for clowns, not for people.

Believe it or not, girls like when guys do not overdo it. Just normal clothes that do not stick out. A simple t-shirt with simple jeans are often more effective then a crazy outfit. Just try it out and you will see!