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Things That Women Do And Are Cruel

We all know that women can sometimes be cruel. And if you do not know it, then you are about to find out. Here is a list of cruel things women do to men. So, women, if you are reading this, please, stop doing these things to us.

  1. She gives you her number, but she does not pick up her phone you call her. Why? Why would she do that? Is it really that difficult to tell us honestly that she does not want to give us her phone number?
  2. The use us for free drinks. This is so true and no woman can deny it. Well, of course not all of them do that, but all of them know about this happening. This is not a way it should be.
  3. Women love to manipulate men emotionally. They just start crying and men do not know what to do, so they usually end up doing what the woman wants.
  4. Some women hit their men because they know that men cannot hit women.
  5. Women critisize their men in front of other people. It does not matter whether it is their friends or family, it should not happen!
  6. They do not admit that they have boyfriend and flirt with other men.
  7. They stop having sex with you simply because they want to make a point.
  8. Women test their men.
  9. They flirt in order to make men jealous.