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Vigorelle review

Vigorelle: A Woman’s Answer to Low Libido


As women go through menopause, we start experiencing some difficulty in our sex lives due to the hormonal imbalance that “the change” causes. These troubles include vaginal dryness among other things. This vaginal dryness can make sex very painful for us so, logically, we lose interest in it. Vigorelle is an all-natural topical cream for women that is formulated specifically to address this problem as well as the root causes of that dryness.

How It Works

Vigorelle is made of the finest natural ingredients that address the primary causes of vaginal dryness: hormone imbalance and poor blood flow. The wonderful thing about all-natural ingredients is that your body automatically recognizes them and knows what to do with them.

For hormone imbalance: Vigorelle contains wild yam (Rhizoma Dioscorea-Villosae) as well as damiana leaf (Folium-Turneraceae), and suma root (Radix Pfaffiae Paniculatae). These three substances are amazing for restoring a woman’s hormonal balance.

Poor Blood Flow: Vigorelle also features Gingko Biolba and L-Arginine HCI, two of the most effective substances available for increasing blood circulation.

In addition, this formula is loaded with other things that support healthy sexual function. Aloe Vera gel with vitamins A, C, and E is awesome for maintaining healthy tissue and peppermint oil extract helps the body absorb and circulate Vigorelle cream quickly and efficiently.

Complete List of Ingredients: L-Arginine HCI; Gingko Biloba; Wild Yam; Damiana Leaf; Suma Root; Peppermint Leaf; and Vitamins A, C, & E Complex Hyaluronic Acid Aloe Vera Gel.

Information from the Company

*The company’s mission is to guarantee that every woman, menopausal or not, can thoroughly enjoy their sex lives.

*They do this by ensuring that their product, Vigorelle cream, is safe, healthy, and incredibly effective.

*Safety First – all Vigorelle products include directions that are clear and concise so that the chances of misuse are minimized.

*Open Information – The company has clarified the benefits of using their product as directed so there is no confusion.

But Does it Really Work?

Because this product is formulated to naturally support a woman’s sexual system, it doesn’t only work but, it increases a woman’s overall health which can improve other parts of our lives as well. The action of Vigorelle is such that it naturally enhances everything we need for healthy sexual function, even through our menopausal years and beyond – increased blood circulation as well tissue and hormone balance restoration are both key.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages Of Vigorelle

*Because of the presence of Damiana Leaf in this product, consumers will see a fairly quick increase in the natural production of vaginal lubricant which decreases vaginal dryness, a root cause of low sex drive in women.

*Because of other ingredients – L-Arginine HCI, Gingko Biloba, and Peppermint specifically – blood
circulation is increased which, in turn, increases sexual sensation, production of lubricant, and overall
sexual desire.

*The wild yam in the cream promotes hormonal balance which restores healthy sexual functioning and,
if our hormones are back in balance, we benefit in all areas of our lives.

*The vitamins and Aloe Vera contribute to healthier tissue which not only improves our sex lives, it
improves our urinary health as well.

*With overall improved health, such as Vigorelle cream promotes, any sexual anxiety we might be
experiencing is alleviated as well.

Some small disadvantages with Vigorelle are: The company does not list the amount of the ingredients they use in their cream and they do not offer trial samples of the product.

The biggest drawback though is that the product is very expensive. The cost makes this product fairly prohibitive for most women that might benefit from it.

Final Verdict

Vigorelle is a topical cream loaded with proven and time-honored natural ingredients that optimize a woman’s sexual function by balancing hormones, increasing blood circulation, and increasing the production of natural lubricant. This combination of actions directly addresses the root causes of low sex drive in women.

In theory, using this product consistently and according to instructions will lead to increased sexual sensation and more frequent orgasms during sex. As a result of healthier sexual function, women who use Vigorelle are likely to see an increase in their desire for sex.

If you are one of thousands of women who is dealing with low libido, because of menopause or any other reason, give this amazing cream a try. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised by the many benefits you experience in your sex life and beyond.