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Wash You Fruits And Vegetables Properly!


We do hope that it is not necessary to stress how much important it is to wash fruits and vegetables properly before eating them. But perhaps, it is worth noting that you should wash them even before cooking them! Well, with all the exotic fruits, you are never quite sure where and how they were grown, let alone stored and transported. However, this does not only apply to those fruits and vegetables that are not local, but to all of them.

Up until now, you probably believed that rinsing your fruits for a few seconds under cold running water would do the job, however, you were wrong. In fact, you should do much more!

At first, let´s talk about how you should store your fruits and vegetables. You were probably used to taking them out of the plastic bags, however, you should not. All you have to do is loosen the bag to get some moisture out of it.

When washing you should wash one piece for at least 36 – 60 seconds under running water. Scrub the skin while washing the produce. Or use a toothbrush to do the job!

Leafy greens might need some soaking! So be awate of that. Otherwise, you really only need the water and you can get rid of most ofthe bacteria!