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We All Seek the Intimacy of Human Touch

It is simply natural that we need someone to hold.

People want to be in relationships. Don’t they? Well, even if they do not really want to be in a stable relationship, they definitely want somebody. Somebody to hug, somebody to kiss, somebody to touch. That is just how we are. We simply seek the intimacy. We want human touch. We need it.

But why is it so? Why do we need human touch? Let’s have a look together.

  1. Human touch can help decrease the violence. We need to touch our child in order to prevent them from being violent. Ain’t that awesome? Just as much a simple thing like touching someone can do? Well, we should definitely be hugging more.
  2. Touch helps bonding. If you want to become closer with someone, you should be hugging. It can really help people feel better.
  3. Stronger immunity. The more you hug, the less sick you get. It is simple, you see?
  4. Your relationship will get better. The more you hug and touch yourself occasionally, the more sex you will have.
  5. Emotional and physical benefits can be gained from hugging. Basically, oyur overall wellbeing improves.

This is the reason why computers cannot replace people. We need each other. We need intimacy. And the less we have of it, the worse. That is why it is important not to give up on personal contact. Thinking that social networks and communication through mobile phones can help us not feel lonely is wrong. The ugly truth is that it only makes us feel more lonely as we forget to actually be with other people and how ot interact with them. Not even books can help us as much as human touch. And that is probably something worth considering.

So, if you think you need a human touch, then it is probably because we all do. There is nothing we can do about it and it definitely isn’t a bad thing. So, do not fight it. Start hugging your friends and your family. Show them that you care! And you feel a lot better yourself. Hugging is a meditation.

And not only hugging.

Physical love is also important. Your relationship will never be as strong as it can be if you have some intimacy. It is a necessity. If you really want to be close to each other, psychical and physical closeness are both equally important. Remember that!

Well, anyway, we hope that you really take this to heart.