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What Are The Biggest Fears Of Men?

If you want to know what men are afraid of, then here are some examples of what real men are afraid of!

  1. Some men are afraid of getting incurable STD. Well, the fact is that if only all men were just as afraid of it as some are, more condoms would be beough. That is the reason why you should not forget about the protection! Well, and pregnancy too.
  2. A bad death. Sure a slow, painful death is something many people are afraid of. But something can be done in order to avoid it, right? Eat healthy, exercise and do not smoke!
  3. Being useless or a burden. Yeah, another quite big issue, however, it can be avoided too. Just think about your future and save money, you know, just in case.
  4. Fatherhood. Well, you might be surprised, however, women are afraid of becoming mothers too. But this is a fear that you just have to overcome, you know.
  5. A love that is not mutual. Falling in love with someone who does not love you back can be depressing and it is not something we can affect.
  6. Not being good enough or not achieving anything. Many men are afraid of not becoming who they dreamed to be.
  7. Getting somebody pregnant. Accidentally. Use the protection. Always.
  8. Being forever alone is also quite scary for a lot of men.
  9. The love of the life dying and letting them alone. This one is probably the worse.

Well, what are you afraid of?