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What To See In The Cinema

godzilla-king-kong-thumbIt has probably been a while since you were in the cinema the last time. Things have change, you know, now they have something that is called 3D! Just kidding, I know that you probably do not have that much time going to cinema, or you simply wait for the right opportunity to go there. Well, you might still want to wait for it a little. But just spend that time finding yourself a girl that will go to see them with you! Although, your girl may not fancy seeing them with you! But, you know the rule. This time, I choose, next time, you choose.

So, if you have absolutely no idea what is going on in the world of films, then let me remind you of the 5 movies that you ned to see! Although, it might take some time until you actually see them.

  1. Godzilla vs Kin Kong – if you liked King Kong and also Godzilla, then you will love this mash-up! Although to see it, you will have to wait until 2020.
  2. Star Wars VIII – this one will be out a little bit earlier – in May 2017!
  3. Die Hard 6 – there is a lot of rumour about this movie and I think you should definitely Google something of it!
  4. Bill Murray’s A Very Murray Christmas
  5. Beasts Of No Nations – you should definitely watch the trailer. Now!