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Why Constant Painful Intercourse Can Ruin Your Relationship

Some things should not be underestimated.

We all know that sex is not the most important thing in a relationship, right? There are other far more important things, however, we cannot deny the fact that a relationship without a functioning sexual life cannot last forever. When it comes to sex, a couple has to be interested in it. A couple needs to take care of their sexual life. Abandoning this part of a relationship is not going to do any good. This is what every couple needs to know.

And another thing that every couple needs to know is the fact that a painful sex can really mess their sexual life up. Pain is not something either of the two should experience during the intercourse. Pain is bad. It is a sign that something is wrong. And it needs to be taken care of.


Anyway, we know that you are probably familiar with this and you probably know about some things that can go wrong. But let me just remind you what the things that can be causing the pain during the sex are.

Well, of course, there are some basic things such as dryness, menopause, infections, vaginismus, etc. However, it may also be the stress or the incompability which is causing the pain. You see, it is not that easy to identify this problem, but you have to try. If you cannot do it on your own, then talk to a doctor. And definitely, talk to your partner. You should not be dealing with this alone. You should be dealing with this as a couple.

If you are not ready to talk abou this issue, it may seriously harm or even ruin your relationship. A woman who experiences pain during intercourse usually avoids sex, however, avoiding sex can have a very bad impact on your partner. He needs to know what is causing your problems. Otherwise he will think that you simply do not want to have sex with him anymore and he will start to have doubts about himself. Or he will think that you simply do not love him anymore. Well, difficult to say which is worse. But if you act while you still have time you can save your relationship. No one is going to break up with you simply because you have a simple problem that can be solved easily. Just do not panic and let professionals take care of it. Do not worry, you are not in this alone. And you could probably never be able to deal with it on your own, so try!

Good luck! We hope that you manage to save your relationship!