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Worst People In The Gym

Here is a list of the worst guys you can meet in the gym. Warning: if you think that these signs are your signs, then you shoul probably do something about it.

  1. The one who goes there to pick up girls. Seriously, this is the worst thing you can do. Gym, is the gym. And girls probably do not like this kind of behaviour either.
  2. Person who encourages the other person. And is not doing it quietly. If you are doing this, the chances are that the whole gym will hate you. Absolutely.
  3. The one who simply looks scary. Yeah, his biceps are probably the biggest, but is that a reason to be staring like a serial killer? Probably not, right?
  4. The one who has really long breaks. Well, the rest times are usually not that long. So, either move, or just go.
  5. The person who complains about not having time and similar things. Well, the chances are that this person is not only lying to others but also to themselves!
  6. The one who wants to know everybody. And it really is not nice. s just annoying.
  7. The group of guys who come to the gym at the same time and pretend to be working out together. Well, this never really works.
  8. The one who takes pictures of himself. And who simply loves himself.