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Would You Go Plus-Size?

11117052_532370516902248_262660436_nWhen it comes to women, what is the ideal of beauty? Or, does really something like that exist? Can we say that certain woman is every man´s type? Or is it a matter of individuality? Does it really depend on every single man which woman he prefers? Can we make generalizations?

Well, it seems that yes. I mean, you see the pictures in the magazines. And I am not talking about magazines for women, but those for men. All women have long, usually blond hair, big boobs, big butt, however, a skiny waist and long legs. How unusual!

Or is there something more to a beauty? Can a woman be attractive for a man even if she is not that picture-perfect model?

Let´s have a look at this woman. Jennie Runk a plus-sized model. What do you think guys? Would you go for it or not? I know, some of you would perhaps not even realize that she actually is a plus-sized woman, perhaps because of the photo, but still, now that you know the fact, how do you perceive her? And how do you perceive plus-sized woman generally? Well, we know that not every plus-sized is the same, and that is important to note. Afterall, we, men, also come in different shapes and sizes.