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X Reasons Why She Is Having Sexual Anxiety

There are millions of things that could possibly be ruining your relationship. But you cannot let them!

It is not only your sexual life that can go wrong. But you probably know that. There are various things that can all go wrong, however, sometimes, you can do something about them. Yes, there are issues that cannot be fixed, but majority of the problems that occur in relationship can be taken care of easily. If you do not believe, then read this article!

lot of couples break up because they do not know how to fix their relationship. Yeah, mistakes are made everyday. And you should not be one of them! Or do you want to spend your whole life asking “what if”? Probably not.

But let´s get back to the main problem. The sexual life. And why is this the main problem? Well, somehow people still find it difficult to talk about sex in a relationship and they often fail to take care of the problem. Usually, the small problem becomes bigger and bigger until it causes a breakup. Like for example an anxiety.


Sexual anxiety is one of the most common problems. And even though it sounds scary, it is nothing unusual and nothing that could not be solved. However, first of all, you will need to know why is it that your girlfriend might be having it:

  1. Most often, the fear of not performing well is responsible for anxiety. Perhaps she really, really cares about you and she really wants you to be satisfied. And she is so anxious, that she actually is unable to perform. This also happens to guys.
  2. The fear of pregnancy. Using a reliable form of contraception could help solve this problem.
  3. The fear of not looking good naked.
  4. The past trauma or stress. If you know about something that might be causing her anxiety, then you should probably talk to her about it. But be gentle!
  5. Problems in your present relationship. Are you sure that she is not angry with you?

Well, no matter what the reason of her anxiety, communication would probably the best tool to start with. If you think that she might be having a problem with sex, then you should be there for her and support her. And of course, you should encourage her to visit her doctor.

Good luck!