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DIY: Kittie Rice

Are you bored with rice? Would you like to somehow make it look a little bit more interesting on the plate? Or do you just want to make your children eat rice? Well, we have a solution that will solve all these problems! And it is called Omusubi Kit. It is a kitchen tool made by Earnest. With it you will be able to create these little cuties with various faces and with whiskers!

Your kids will definitely love it! Plus, you can use soya souce in order to add some colouring and flavour. Is it not awesome? Or do you think that it is completely useless? Well, it is up to you. We believe thta it is worth trying! Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-3 Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-191 Onigiri-cat-face-omusubi-Nyan-rice-balls-18