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Effective Treatments Against Vaginismus and Sexual Pain

Sex should not be painful. And if you think otherwise, then you should probably think again.

Sex should be something great. Something that you want to do, because if you only do it as a duty, then there is something wrong.

Of course, everybody makes mistakes and in order to make your sex life perfect you will probably need to work hard. Together with your partner, of course.

And if you are experiencing pain during intercourse, then you should know that it is not normal and that it can be handled better!


So, first of all, you should know that there are many different things that are causing painful intercourse. It is not only an infection or other medical issue that can be responsible for pain. Most commonly, it is vaginal dryness which can be solved easily with a lubricant or a longer foreplay, however, the issue can also be psychological.

Have you ever heard of vaginismus? It is a condition which causes involuntary vaginal muscle spasm during intercourse and so makes it painful.

Vaginismus is quite common, however, it is not such a big issue. It definitely is not something you should not be able to deal with!

A simple Kegel exercise could help you deal with vaginismus, however, if the cause is psychological, which often happens, then you should visit a doctor and consider therapy. And of course, talk to your partner. It will be a lot easier for both of you to get through this together!

Well, we hope that you manage to find the best effective treatment for you! Everybody deserves a great satisfying sex life.