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The Top 10 Male Enhancers

The best male enhancement products.

Nowadays, the latest male improvement products are being delivered more regularly unlike before. Although there is quite a lot of the male enhancement products these days, most of them are not pleasing at all. Actually, it is not easy to get a very great and legitimate male enhancement product. In case you find one, it is still not guaranteed that it will be of the desired quality until you have really used it.

Fortunately, we have undertaken all of the analysis and experimentation on your behalf. Consequently, we have isolated all the products that are not good and discovered the ideal male enhancement pills which are the most clinical. The best five on this list possess all the desired features: high overall potency, high-quality ingredients, positive user reviews and clinical evidence.

Below you will get short recaps for each of the best 10 male enhancers we found as well as links to each of the entire reviews and links to the websites that belong to the producers in case you choose you would like to acquire on these commodities. Remember that gains may be felt in the short term, the formulas were made for long-term but the formulas were intended for long-term usage. Following this, it is advised that a male enhancement is taken for at least 2-3 months.

1. TEKMale

This is one of the excellent formulae that is increasingly becoming the major one in the supplement business. This was made by a company known as the TEK naturals. Because it contains the most effective supplement per serving, the maximum ingredients and last but not least the feature of each ingredient is perfect, TEKMale is listed as the number one male enhancement pill.

TEKMale makes use of all regulated selections rather than the entire plant powders and they have the biggest portions of active compounds (the element inside the ingredient that really makes it operate).

TEKMale is very competitive in terms of the price and with that, you are certain that you are getting the most efficient male enhancement formula. To date, the pill has been so exciting therefore, we are glad to notice what new formulas TEK Naturals has invented.

2. Male Extra

Male Extra was ranked second because of the fact that it did well in every area. Its constituents are of the greatest quality, the general potency is approximately 1,500 milligrams per dose as well as the best customer testimonials. Another thing that made it ranked second is that there is a great number of clinical record. Those are the reasons that made it be among the top best male enhancement product, however, the big reason is that they clinically experimented their formula on male test subjects and made the results available for all to view on their website.

This particular supplement is neither based on the assumption nor the belief that it will work. Anybody can witness for themselves by checking their website in which their formula has been clinically examined and certified for bedroom performance better, improving sex drive, as well as the endurance.

You appreciate the fact that this stuff works before purchasing it.

3. VigRX

This is yet another enhancement pill meant for men.

It has carefully chosen types of ingredients that their outcome are quite guaranteed. There is no doubt that it is going to work since each of its components being subjected to cross-clinical tests for their efficiency. This is made up of Korean Red Ginseng, Damiana Leaf, Hawthorne Berry, Saw Palmetto, and Ginkgo Biloba each at a dosage of 200 milligrams per serving.

These are all top quality elements with more than enough dosages at 200 milligrams per serving.

In case you are searching for harder and larger erection, improved endurance, a more pleasurable encounter, and a general killer bedroom performance, VigRX is the option that you need to consider.

4. Vydox.

Again, this is another remarkably robust supplement that you can be sure will give you the desired outcomes. Its components are clinically examined, the formula is pretty effective, and users have wonderful experiences applying this product.

This formula is very dominant since it has L-Arginine of 600 milligrams per serving. Apart from the TEKMale, this is the only product that we know to have extra L-Arginine per serving.

When mixed with components such as Yohimbine HCL, Saw Palmetto and Damiana Leaf this ingredient becomes a very strong male enhancement pill.

5. Zynev

Zynev is a very powerful male booster that contains more than 1400 milligrams in every serving in form of dosage. This formula is versatile enough and caters to all male issues because of the ingredients it contains like Wild Yam, Horny Goat Weed, boron and Tongkat Ali Extract.

For a long time now, these ingredients have been used to counter erectile dysfunction and make you fit and highly active. Those who have been under this product as a remedy can attest to the fact that it is powerful and highly effective. Among the results are erections that are firmer, highly increased levels of energy, a skyrocketed urge for sex and an increase in stamina.

All good, the only thing considered off is with the blend on the product’ label that makes it very hard to know its exact strengths if one consumes it. Regardless of the label, everything about this male enhancer is upbeat.

6. Alpha Man Pro

Alpha Man Pro until know is not popular and many people underrate this male pill because finding its nutrition label is very difficult. For matters of protection, its manufacturer deems it fit to keep their formula a secret. Revealing it means you have to make an order and purchase the product and test of its efficiency then you will be able to find out its contents and abilities. Among the ingredients is Maca Ginseng, L-Arginine, Rhodiola Rosea, and Tribulus Terrestris.

After executing a research on this pill, its benefits with regards to your bedroom actions are incomparable.

To list just a few, you easily get an erection and can sustain it for a longer period of time, improvement in stamina, your sex drive drastically shoots up and best of all, your partner becomes satisfied and keeps longing for the next experience.

7. Extenze

Extenze, in the current market, is very popular because finding it in stores and online shops is a very easy task.

This comes as a disadvantage because the version of the product you purchase from the stores is not updated-maybe with the same old ingredients. Remember counterfeits too have flooded the current market. To be on the safe side, make an effort to buy authentic and updated products from the website and get a chance to enjoy discounts, offers on more purchases and subsidized or free shipping costs.

Its contents that are mainly used in sorting out erectile dysfunction are natural and have no side effects detected. The ingredients include Damiana Leaf, Pregnenolone, Korean Ginseng, Horny Goat Weed and L-Arginine.

The reason it is well known by majority of the people is its ability to work. Despite not being among the top 3, for sure it features on the list of the top 10 workable male enhancers.


8. Xanogen

Xanogen in the recent times is one of the glorified male enhancement product that comes as a supplement. Do you think it is worth all the glory? We can say to a certain extent it deserves even more from the contents of the supplement. These ingredients are Tribulus Terrestris, Yohimbe, L-Arginine, Maca, and Horny Goat Weed.

Mostof these ingredients are present on most of the male supplements you might have seen because their results are viable and can be attested to. It could be good but not the very best because some of the vital ingredients weren’t included in the supplement making it not just how perfect it should be.

Xanogen, with its popularity, is a good male enhancement supplement but unfortunately couldn’t make it among the top on our list.


9. Size Genix

Size Genix, as it sounds can be easily translated to its results. Basically, when consumed it is meant to make your erections bigger than usual. There is no guarantee that you will be made bigger like stated by Mike Traffic right on the site.

Even if the possibilities of it making you bigger is high, its benefits are to be witnessed in another manner. There is a tremendous change and improvement in your sex drive thanks to Tongkat Ali, Maca Root, and Muira Pama that it is made of.

L-Arginine is another ingredient responsible for an increased flow of blood to your penis. All in all, this supplement cannot match the top five on our list when it comes to effectiveness and results regarding bedroom performance.

However, we don’t say it doesn’t work.

10. Vimax

Vimax brags of hitting our top 10 list because of its ingredients found in high doses like Saw Palmetto, Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba that are naturally sourced and processed and when combined form a remedy for erectile dysfunction.

The major con is that L-Arginine is exempted from the ingredients yet its role in male enhancement is vital- an increase in the flow of blood to the penis for a stronger erection. Our wish was that dosages of some ingredients could have been made higher and other vital ingredients added like in the highly effective male enhancement supplements.

You can count on it for a few manly benefits but not fully that is why it failed to feature in the top 5 supplements on our list.


Basically, using any of the listed male enhancement supplements on our top 10 list will benefit you. Just to mention, these products have been keenly assessed and verified before being ranked like we have done.

For the most bedroom benefits, we advise that you select a supplement from the top 3 on our list if these are unavailable in stores, the remaining two to make it top 5 on our list will serve their purposes right. Normally, it is required that you carefully follow the instructions and dosages on the label of the supplements each time so that you can witness its immense benefits.

For longer-lasting benefits, it is advised that you take the supplements for 2 to 3 months. These benefits are real and don’t need you to stick to the dosage like you are trying to treat a terminal illness. Taking the male supplements for weeks or only a month will bear results but they are short-lived.